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Team Composition, Diversity, And Performance: An Experimental Approach

Table 2:

Basis of comparison Self-selected teams Random teams Expected value (The expected value is the likelihood of obtaining a match from two consecutive random draws from the set of participants without replacement, except for age indicator, where the calculation differs due to the larger number of possibilities. ) t-value (t-test for the difference between the sample means / proportions of the self-selected versus random teams. (***) statistically significant at the 1% level.)
mean of familiarity value 1.83 0.5 n/a 5.73***
proportion of same-sex teams 66.5% 63.6% 55.8% 0.2
mean number of age categories between team members 0.81 0.91 0.97 0.44
proportion of teams with equal training status 39.3% 45.9% 55.6% 0.7
proportion of teams with equal German-only migratory background status 72.4% 58.3% 50.4% 1.08
proportion of teams with equal German-only native language status 79.3% 36.4% 50.2% 3.31***
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