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Common Misconceptions About Psychopharmacology In Undergraduate Psychology And Pharmacy Students

Table 1:

Select the CORRECT statement about marijuana: "Marijuana is not addictive" "Marijuana impairs long-term memory" "Marijuana has been linked to psychosis" "Marijuana can cure cancer"
People can abuse and become addicted to a range of medications, EXCEPT for: "Antipsychotics" "Opioids" "Barbiturates" "Benzodiazepines"
Select the CORRECT statement about ulcers: "Ulcers are caused primarily by stress" "An infection is the leading cause of developing ulcers" "Spicy foods cause ulcers" "Ulcers are the result of underlying psychological conflict"
Select the INCORRECT statement about autism: "No medication can improve the core signs of autism" "Around 1% of people are now thought to have autism" "Only 0.05% of them have truly outstanding savant ability" "People with autism are asocial and uncaring"
All but this is rarely portrayed about dementia at the movies: "Patient's agitation" "Patients going wandering" "Patients being treated with psychotropic drugs" "Experience of visual hallucinations"
Spain has suffered from the highest _____ prevalence rates in Europe for the last decade. "Marijuana" "Ecstasy" "Heroin" "Cocaine"
Select the INCORRECT statement about the chemical imbalance theory of mental illness: "They link emotional states with levels of monoamines" "This idea is proving increasingly popular" "Most antidepressants are much more effective than placebo" "No one knows what "correct" levels for neurotransmitters are"
Select the CORRECT statement about oxytocin, the "love" molecule: "Extra oxytocin can increase feelings of envy" "Oxytocin can reduce trust toward outsiders" "Oxytocin can increase aggression toward partners" "All the answers are correct"
Select the INCORRECT statement about statins: "Statins are strongly associated with cognitive dysfunction" "Their cardiovascular benefits out-weight other harms" "Statins reduce cardiovascular mortality and morbidity" "Statins reduce levels of low-density lipoprotein cholesterol"
Select the CORRECT answer about crack babies: "Cocaine-exposed children show less intelligence" "These kids grow to be either addicts or criminals" "Its effects are more severe than for alcohol" "Poverty is more important than being exposed to cocaine"
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