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Self-Esteem And Evaluation Of Future Math Teachers For Professional Development

Table 3:

Topics, type of the lesson Answers
1. Objectives of the lesson on the topic. Expected results of the lesson. Correspondence of content, methods, ways, means of the goal.
2. What methods and ways of teaching are used in the lesson? Comment on your choice. What problem situations can be created from introducing a new material?
3. What methods of activating cognitive activity of pupils are used in the lesson?
4. Motivation of educational activity of pupils. Formation of cognitive interest. Use of inter-subject communications, historical material, computer technologies in a lesson.
5. Stage of actualization of knowledge, skills in a lesson on the topic.
6. To define the stage of introducing new material in the lesson according to the following components: expected results, teaching methods, teaching forms, concrete ways to achieve results.
7. Independent activity of pupils in a lesson. Forms of organization of independent work. Homework, instructions. Link between class and homework. Methods and ways for checking homework.
8. Develop tasks of four level: A) the level of knowledge; B) the level of understanding; C) level of application; D) creative level.
9. Stage of consolidation of the studied material. Establishing relationships with other concepts, with other topics, systematization of knowledge.
10. A system for estimation of pupils in a lesson. Types, goals, functions, forms and means of control.
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