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Self-Esteem And Evaluation Of Future Math Teachers For Professional Development

Table 2:

Topics, type of the lesson Answers
1. Formulate educational objectives of the lesson
2. Enumerate teaching methods
3. Plan the course of the lesson
4. Give examples of tasks or questions for updating
5. Think about the problem situation that can be created by introducing a new material on the topic
6. Choose tasks or questions to move from old material to new
7. Choose tasks to learn new material
8. Choose tasks for concomitant repetition
9. Give examples of tasks (dictations, etc) in order to test the understanding of a new concept (mode of action, theorem, rule, algorithm)
10. Solve one of the situation tasks.1) During the lesson one of the pupils disturbs a teacher (shouts from his place, comment on comrades’ actions, plays with the phone, etc.).2) A pupil tells the teacher that he did not understand a new topic.3) A pupil quickly fulfilled all teacher’s tasks and was distracted. What are your actions in this situation?
11. Summarize the lesson
12. How is the homework given and explained?
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