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Early Professionalization Of Gifted Schoolchildren In The Context Of Extended Education

Table 1:

Teacher’s psychological and pedagogical activity Effectiveness of professional tests
Analysis of the professional activities of the "costume designer", "designer of light industry products", "sewing production technologist". Decomposition into:-professional tasks;-professional actions Long-term motivation for professional activityDevelopment of figurative perception of the visual worldMastering professional ways of personal artistic, creative self-expressionDevelopment of abilities for artistic and creative cognition of the world and oneself in the world of creative professionsSchoolchildren’s preparation for an informed choice of a professional trajectory in the chosen directionCreating Portfolio Pages
Development of a system of professional tests:Assignments with access to the final product:-“Technical model development”- “Development of an algorithm and construction of a drawing of a garment in the automated design of clothes"-“Development of the confection map of the materials used"-“Production of test samples for various types of artistic design of the product”
Creating conditions for implementation:Evaluation of individual psychological and physiological readiness-Creative orientation of assignments-Creating a success situation-Performing tasks in an environment as close as possible to the professional sphere (the University specialized laboratories and workshops)-Performing tests in creative interaction with students, peers, university specialists
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