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New Teacher For A New School: Educational Process Participants On The Problem

Table 3:

Competences Range of satisfaction with competence development (average score) Level of competence development (10 points scale) Level of satisfaction with competence development
Usage of IT tools in the learning process 1 9,3 high
Creating an inspiring atmosphere 2 8,22 high
Creating of harmonious psychological climate 3 7,06 average
Subject knowledge: interesting presentation of the material; additional information; answering the questions; subject interrelations; recommendation of additional information sources 4 6,25 average
Organization of interaction and cooperation; providing active participation of learners in class 5 5, 81 low
Organization of learners’ autonomous work 6 5,68 low
Creative approach to lesson preparation; implementation of unusual forms and methods 7 5,00 low
Objective evaluation of educational results with regards to the actual learning capacities of students 8 4,90 low
Goals determination in educational activity and summarizing 9 4,66 low
Critical thinking development; motivation for discussion 10 4,48 low
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