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Improving The Sciences Teaching Strategies Through “Engage” Curriculum Materials

Table 1:

No ENGAGE ADOPT Materials Curriculum LinkGCSE Combined Science subject content Dilemma
1 Ban Cola Working Scientifically: Analysis and evaluation – interpreting observations and other data, including identifying patterns and trends, making inferences and drawing conclusions.Biology: Health, disease and the development of medicine – diseases influenced by nutrition. Should we ban sugary drink sales to under -18 s?
2 Big bag ban Working Scientifically: Development of scientific thinking: explain everyday and technological applications of science; evaluate associated personal, social, economic and environmental implications; and make decision based on the evaluation of evidence and argumentsChemistry: chemical bonding – describe and compare the nature and arrangement of chemical bonds in polymer What are the alternatives to ordinary plastic bags?Will degradable plastic bags solve the problem?
3 Appliance science Working Scientifically: Analysis and evaluation: interpret data ... to draw conclusions.Physics: Energy: Power as the rate of transfer of energy Can you make big enough cuts?
4 Text Neck Working Scientifically: Experimental skills and strategies: plan experiments or devise procedures to make observations, produce or characterise a substance, test hypotheses, check data or explore phenomena. Physics: Forces: use vector diagrams to illustrate resolution of forces. Will you use your phone less to save your neck?
5 Chocolate money Experimental skills and investigation: ask questions and develop a line of enquiry based on observations of the real world, alongside prior knowledge and experience.Biology: Relationship in a ecosystem: the importance of plant reproduction through insect pollination in human food security Is this the end for chocolate?
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