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Analysis Of The Competitive Anxiety Level In Basketball And Aerobic Gymnastics

Table 1:

No Question Rarely Sometimes Often
1. Competing against others is socially enjoyable
2. Before I compete I feel uneasy
3. Before I compete I worry about not performing well
4. I am a good athlete when I compete
5. When I compete, I worry about making mistakes
6. Before I compete I am calm
7. Setting a goal is important when competing
8. Before I compete I get a queasy feeling in my stomach
9. Just before competing, I notice my heart beats faster than usual
10. I like to compete in games that demands a lot of physical energy
11. Before I compete I feel relaxed
12. Before I compete I am nervous
13. Team sports are more exciting than individual sports
14. I get nervous wanting to start the game
15. Before I compete I usually get uptight
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