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The Road From School To Real Life: Entrepreneurial Behaviour Among Romanian Students

Table 2:

KNOWLEDGE Acquired through: Entrepreneurial education and real life experiences ENTREPRENEURIAL SKILLS Developed through: Entrepreneurial education and real life experiences
Understanding the economy and the business environmnet Understanding a business and the way in which it works Understanding entrepreneurial ethics Understanding the process and procedures associated to the establishment and operation of an enterprise (for example production, management, marketing) Strategic visionAbility to organize activitiesAbility to communicateAbility to coordinate activitiesAbility to identify new opportunities and act rapidly tocapitalize on themIdentification and evaluation of strengths andweaknesses.Risk assessmentPlanningSynthetic thinking (capacity to structure, synthesize)Analytical thinking (capacity to analyze aphenomenon)Critical thinking (capacity to formulate and presentcritical point of views)Negotiation and reprezentationCapacity to decide independently and shoulderresponsibility for own decisionsCapacity to develop and maintain long term relations
PUTTING THE IDEA INTO PRACTICE CAPITALIZING ON THE OPPORTUNITY, CREATIVITY, INNOVATION PERSONAL ABILITIES("born with")Initiative, proactivity, independence, tenacity,creativity, innovation, self-confidence, motivation inorder to achieve objectives, responsibility, ability tomobilize other people’capacities, ability to you’re yourpoint of view understood by others.
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