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The Road From School To Real Life: Entrepreneurial Behaviour Among Romanian Students

Table 1:

Author Entrepreneurial skills and characteristics (features)
Kutzhanova et al. (2009) Technical Skills (which are those skills necessary to produce the business’s product or service);Managerial Skills (which are essential to the day-to-day management and administration of the company);Entrepreneurial Skills (which involve recognizing economic opportunities and acting effectively on them);Personal Maturity Skills (which include self-awareness, accountability, emotional skills, and creative skills).
O’Hara (2011) The ability to identify and exploit a business opportunity;The human creative effort of developing a business or building something of value;A willingness to undertake risk;Competence to organize the necessary resources to respond to the opportunity.
Chell (2013) Idea identification/creation (Idea generation / envisioning; opportunity recognition and means-end analysis; ability to acquire information about a potential opportunity; domain knowledge and associated skills; recognition of social / market need);Capitalising on ideas (Awareness of environment and factors conducive to opportunity exploitation, Ability to garner the necessary material resources, Ability to convince others of the value of an opportunity, Networking and social embeddingTraits/behaviours (Self-belief, self-awareness, trust in own judgement etc.; Ability to manage risk and shoulder responsibility; Ability to endure and cope with difficulties. Energy, motivation, persistence etc.)Managerial/leadership skills (Ability to manage others, ability to overcome institutional and other constraints, ability to develop an idea as a commercial opportunity, Decisionmaking capability).
European Commission (2012) Competences/knowledge (Activity on one’s own and within a team; Identification and evaluation of strengths and weaknesses; Risk evaluation; Project planning and management; Financial administration; Negotiation and representation)Attitude/personal attributes (Initiative, proactivity, independence, tenacity, creativity, innovation, motivation in order to achieve objectives, responsibility, leadership).Putting ideas into practice (Creativity, innovation)
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