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Integrating Reading And Reading Skills In The Romanian Curricula – A Case-Study

Table 2:

Specific Skills Examples of activities
- -finding the main ideas after reading a text (V)- identifying general and detailed organization elements in a text (VI)- identifying literary from non-literary texts (VII)- answering specific tasks in order to show the general and detailed comprehension of the text (VIII) - Analytic activities: recognizing, grouping, motivating, describing;- Synthesis activities :changing, filling in, giving examples;- Identifying the structure of an epic, lyrical, l text or of a play;- Identifying the differences between different species etc;
- Recognizing narration, description and dialogue in a text (V)- Finding literary procedures in a poem (VI)- Finding the parts of an epic text or literary procedures in a lyrical text (VII)- Identifying the expressive value of some morpho-syntactical categories, of means to enrich the vocabulary, of stylistic elements (VIII)
- Finding new words or phrases in a text (V)- Recognizing the artistic value of words and phrases (VI)- Recognizing the correctness and the expressiveness ofgrammatical elements (VII)
- finding the elements related to grammar in the text: verbs,nouns, etc (V)- finding the elements related to subordination, coordination in a sentence (VI)
- using different reading strategies
- expressing likes or dislikes, taking into account cultural or ethical values (VIII)
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