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Integrating Reading And Reading Skills In The Romanian Curricula – A Case-Study

Table 1:

Specific Skills Examples of activities
- expressing simple conclusions after reading - pair activities consisting in mutual questions;- comparing and contrasting some elements in a text by a Venn diagram;- using a toy/tool after reading the instructions.
- associating elements in a text with the students’ own experience - designing projects, posters on the relations between the real and the imaginary worlds;- rephrasing messages from different points of view
- looking for specific information in a text to support an opinion - mini-debates;- drawing lists about pertinent aspects of the text;- problem-solving
- assessing text elements leading to a deep understanding of the text - critical thinking;
- showing interest for literary and information reading - projects involving information about extra-curricular activities (for example, trips, contests etc)- meetings with writers ;- Contests related to reading.
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