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Developing a Medical Institution Management System through Promoting Social Accountability

Table 1:

ISO26000:2010 ISO9001:2015 SA8000:2014
6.2 Administrative management 5.3 Administrative roles, responsibility and authority 9. Management system
6.3 Human rights - 1. Juvenile labour2. Involuntary and compulsory labour5. Discrimination
6.4 Working practice 7.2 Competence7.3 Awareness 7. Working hours6. Punishment administration8. Rewards9.9 Training and potential development
6.5 Environment - 3. Health and safety
6.6 Conscientious business practice 8.4 Product supply and external service management 9.10 Supplier relationship management
6.7 Consumer related problems 5.1.2 Consumer orientation8.2.1 Consumer feedback8.2.2 Definition of requirements to production and service9.1.2 Consumer satisfaction 9.6 Complaint handling and conflict management9.7 External checks and interaction with concerned parties
6.8 Community involvement and its development 4.2 Understanding the concerned parties’ needs and expectations 4. Freedom of association and right for collective bargaining;
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