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Mentoring as an Essential Element of Social Entrepreneurship

Table 1:

Generation Period Main characteristics
The Greatest Generation 1900–1923 Ambitiousness, responsibility, belief in the bright future, devotion to the ruling ideology, family values
Silent Generation 1923–1943 Devotion, abidance by the rules, respect for the position and status, honesty, patience, sacrifice, thrift
Baby Boom Generation 1943–1963 Optimism, teamwork, interest in moral appraisal and financial gain, team spirit, youth and health cult, devotion, respect for the position and status
Thaw Generation (the beginning of “the Beautiful Era”) 1963–1984 Willingness to change, possibility to choose, technological literacy, individualism, desire for life-long learning, pragmatism, gender equality
Perestroika Generation 1984–2000 Self-confidence, diversity, immediate reward, civic duty, naiveté, the balance between private and professional lives, ability to work in a team, the use of modern technologies
Net Generation of active consumers 2000–2020 Aggressiveness, proneness to conflict, prevailing virtual communication, hyperactivity, need for novelty, mosaic thinking, infantilism, exaggerated needs, consumerism
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