Healthy Wellbeing of the Person and Society


Despite many attempts to measure health, it wasn't offered any scale which would have practical value in this plan. Absence of the uniform point of view on a problem of essence of health is obvious. A specification of essence of health – the main methodological problem of the doctrine about health. The World Health Organization considers that a state of person health defines for 75% its way of life and a power supply system, for 10% - heredity, another 10% - environmental conditions, and only for 5% of service of health care. Health of the person most of all depends on a way of life. By definition of the World Health Organization (WHO), health is a condition of physical, spiritual and social wellbeing. Approach of WHO to concept health has humanitarian character. In article health is allocated in independent medico-social category which is characterized by direct indicators. The healthy nation is formed on the basis of a healthy way of life as family and social, cultural tradition. The cultural tradition of a healthy way of life unites complete adjustment of the person for a healthy condition, spiritual and physical training of longevity, social hygiene of mentality of the person from stresses and neurosises, neutralization of bad habits on stages of infringement of harmonious integrity of the person, harmonization of a way of life, health saving up medicine and health saving up system of public health services.

Keywords: Qualitative and quantitative analysis of healthmental energythe economic annual cycle of completion of a healthy human resourcehealth of the preserving medicine


Definition of health by World Health Organization: Health is a condition of full physical, mental and social well-being.

Definition of health in the law on health protection: Health is a condition of physical, mental and social wellbeing at which there are no diseases, and also disorders of functions of bodies and systems of an organism. The medical reference book describes symptoms more than one thousand diseases. To carry out periodically diagnostics on all possible diseases and frustration of bodies and systems of an organism for all population it is almost impossible, and, therefore, to hold preventive events.

The genetic passport of health indicates predisposition to various diseases, as hereditary conditionality under adverse environmental conditions. The word HEALTH in the name of the genetic passport has donozologichesky character. The genetic passport indicates predisposition to various diseases. It is the donozologichesky passport. Predisposition to diseases demands from the person of constant attention to environmental conditions and to control of the relevant vital systems which are inclined to these diseases under adverse environmental conditions. On the basis of the genetic passport the complex of preventive and diagnostic actions for prevention of developing of a disease is formed.

Health – category not only medicobiological, but also social. Performance by the individual of the biological and social functions can be treated as manifestation of health. Ability of the individual to realize the biological and social functions indicates his health (Bryndin, & Bryndina, 2012). Not ability to show the health – in other words to realize the biological and social functions – indicates a disease or an illness of the person.

Vibration field nature of life

Everything that exists, vibrates. The matter is slowly vibrating energy. The spirit, thought, idea – is the energy vibrating with the highest speed. All types of life show fluctuations, frequencies and which amplitudes various. According to spiritual truth of creation of life, God in 6000 years created power information vibration fields and on their basis generated life. According to the physical theory of explosion, there were power information vibration fields from which by self-organization there was a life.

The latest discoveries of modern physics confirm this fact. Life is a perpetual motion. In the Universe nothing can stop. Distinctions in manifestation of a matter and energy are explained by that they variously vibrate.

According to definition of modern physics, vibration or fluctuation are processes of radiation of energy through identical periods. Fluctuation is a fundamental form of the movement.

The perception of a sound requires a certain frequency of fluctuation, for light higher speed of fluctuation of energy. Than energy is more perfect – that with greater speed it vibrates. Any vibration has property to extend and have impact on environment. It is possible to present, what changes in the space surrounding us and in us cause vibrations of anger, hatred, rage, and what vibration changes are caused by fine music, the feeling of love shown by us or to us.

From the highest spiritual spheres of vibration of spirit and thought consistently astral worlds, and then physical get, recovering them and extending in all the Divine Providence.

Any matter (dense low-frequency energy) interacts with high-frequency energiya and generates information (shows consciousness). Beginning from the elementary cage and to space structure, for example stars, everything is absolute in the universe contains energy and generates information (shows consciousness). The energy which is in everything is radiated from everything in the form of vibrations, radiations. Everything in the Universe radiates round itself power vibrations. Vibrations differ on frequency. The consciousness is more shown, the energy is stronger and the more so highly this energy vibrates. That is, than the consciousness in the person is shown above, especially, strong highly vibration energy is radiated by this person.

The person who reached high spiritual development, radiates very thin vibrations. At its presence it is comfortable. Its vibrations very strongly energetically feed. For this reason the highest energy of love is called as divine love.

Beginning from corpuscles, electrons, atoms, smaller particles of energy not known to science, to the worlds, solar systems, galaxies so far, everything is absolute in the Universe is in a condition of fluctuation, perpetual motion. All material forms of the nature differ from each other in a vibration condition of energy.

We will present the Universal scale of power vibrations, that is a life scale, on extent of manifestation of energy and frequency of vibrations. On one limit pole - inner worlds, energy forming them, show the highest vibrations and the highest consciousness, and come nearer to the Absolute. Here vibrations of energy happen to such intensity and to such speed limit that are represented being at rest. On other, opposite end of a scale there are dense forms of a material world (stone) which vibrations are so low, slowed so down that too seem motionless, though it not so. Between them the huge range of vibration life, huge range of the shown consciousness.

Everything in the universe moves, everything vibrates, nothing is based, the stop means disappearance in the universe.

Everything vibrates variously and in various directions. From extent of vibration, extent of manifestation of life depends. The vibration of energy which contains in a form is higher, the this form will be more vital. Both the stone and fiery elements vibrate, both the live. The fiery elements are more vigorous. Different manifestation of vibrations - different manifestations of life. With change of speed of vibrations manifestation of life and manifestation of consciousness changes. The frequency of vibrations is higher, the life is shown more actively and the consciousness is higher.

In the Universe there is an infinite set of forms of life, a set of the forms of existence differing on the level of consciousness and level of energy.

The person is identical to the Universe, we are triple, as well as the Universe. We have a physical body which vibrates. The radio body, shows higher vibrations and it more power saturated, than a physical body. The radio double who supplies it with energy has each body. Higher body, a body thin or astral - vibrations thinner, energy mightier and strong. The consciousness of this body is shown as feeling. The thinnest on vibrations is the mental body. We are the feeling and conceiving beings therefore constantly we radiate these or those vibrations of feelings and thoughts in environment. The world around very much depends on our impact on it. Flowers if we often are at rest, pleasure or love can blossom. Relatives if we often are in a condition of anger, irritations, rage can be ill. The disease is the low-frequency destroying vibrations. To change the vibrations, change the state. To change the destroying vibrations it is necessary to concentrate on positive thoughts, desires and feelings.

To contact with the astral world means that your astral body has to vibrate in the range of frequencies, as the astral world. It is reached by creative occupations at people of art, at poets, musicians, artists. Depending on that with what plan of the astral world his astral body enters a resonance, there are these or those works of art. If there is a resonant accord with high plans of the astral world, its art transfers vibrations of this plan. The person of art is only the conductor of influence of vibrations of the highest worlds on the terrestrial world. If more often it is adjusted on vibration of the lowest subplans of the astral world, there is Bosch's painting. Remember two different in influence on the viewer of pictures Chagall. One pictures when it was in love, and then his astral body vibrated in unison with the highest plans of the thin world since radiated very high vibrations of love. And others, gloomy, disturbing, sated in the brown flowers when he endured arrival of fascism. A condition of alarm, fear are conditions of low vibrations. His astral body could be adjusted only on vibration of low subplans of the astral world. From here such colors in pictures and such impact on the viewer. On influence on us of pictures, music, poetry, we can always define, in what emotional states there was their founder.

The most power, the most effective is the thought. The thinnest on vibrations is our mental body. Thought the strongest, most effective manifestation of consciousness which is available to the person. The person with a spiritual mental body is spiritually imperious, mighty being.

We exist at the ocean of vibrations. Everything vibrates around, any space vibrates. We catch any vibration background, having entered the apartment, establishment, communicating with any person, being outdoors. Everything is absolute in the world bears information on itself since all vibrates. Unfortunately, we, ordinary people, are capable to feel very small range of vibrations. Spiritual development is an ability to feel more highly the frequency range of vibrations of the world in which we exist. For us the most important are states of mind and ability to control the emotions and the thoughts.

Any state of mind is the vibration radiation therefore it is necessary to trace the states of mind and if it is necessary to change the sincere manifestations consciously. To transfer itself or other person to a kind state of mind it is possible to use highly vibrating music, it is that tool which influences our state of mind. It is better to form spiritual consciousness which constantly holds a kind state of mind.

The government which is anxious with development of the people, has to pay more attention to development of art and spiritual culture, and not just to development of the industry. High art and culture spiritualize and improve and raise a power state. The correct prayer as expression of love for God, as gratitude for life, is a power method of management of a power state, method of an eminence of a state of mind.

It is possible to lower the vibration state, to enter the person into a condition of anger, art it too can do. The martial music adjusts the person on eagerness to fight and aggression. Metal music causes aggression in youth. At communication with the person angry, angry other person experiences vibration influence and too starts being irritated. It is possible to catch not only an infection, it is possible to catch low vibrations for this reason don't allow at the presence of low manifestations. The person radiating low energy is a destruction source, it is really dangerous. Everything that is near it, with is adjusted with its vibration. Notice that near the angry person involuntarily you become itself angry. Involuntarily each person enters a resonance with stronger vibration. Therefore well influences the world around of people radiating high vibrations. It too adjusts people around, but does them more friendly, quiet, peaceful.

The intensive radiator of low-frequency energy is the dangerous destroyer of world around. The person with high-frequency vibration harmonizes environment. Near it sincerely quietly, comfortably, people unconsciously seek to be near it. Such person involuntarily inspires love as possesses huge attractive force. It spiritualizes and raises a vibration condition of the environment.

Low states of mind show low vibration. Such states of mind as rage, hatred, irritation is very low vibrations. The highest state of mind on vibrations, so on energy the strongest is a condition of love. The thinnest state - a condition of love. It is pleasant to us to communicate with the person who loves us. Vibrations which are radiated by this person very high, means the very strong. Contact with the person loving us is a most powerful power feed. The best power protection is a condition of love.

There is nothing in the Universe that wouldn't radiate energy of various frequencies. Each blade, each tree, each living being belonging to a kingdom of plants in our nature radiates energy. Similarly with fauna. All living beings of this world too radiate various on energy vibrations. The person constantly radiates energy in world around. His physical body, his astral body and a mental body radiates energy. The energy radiated by each person corresponds to the level of its development, corresponds to its emotional and mental condition. Each person possesses the vibration passport, much more essential, than the legal document. It precisely characterizes the level of its development. This quality of vibrations which it radiates. If near the person it is disturbing, there is a desire quicker to leave it, it occurs because the person radiates low vibrations. Its level of consciousness is still very low. It is necessary to learn to perceive the world appreciably, that is to perceive vibration radiations of all in world around. For this purpose it is necessary to restore and develop a feeling-knowledge.

When we think, we show these or those emotions, feelings, states, we radiate energy, various vibration states. Knowing it, and that our vibrations have impact on people around, it is necessary to learn to control the positive creating vibrations. The person influences the vibrations the nature, people, the dwelling, the city, Space. Everything in the world bears information on itself. These are vibrations. We now exist at that level of development when we think that verbal information is more important. Verbal information is only data. Very often false. The modern person is capable to feel very big range of vibrations of environment, people, animals, plants, stones, rooms, etc.

The person knows about it or not, he always reacts to vibrations which perceives. Any person should react to vibrations of world around. All of us inevitably perceive and we react to vibration influence of environment. We are shipped by living conditions in the ocean of the energiya influencing our feelings, a state of health, a thinking orientation.

So, spiritual development is a development of ability to feel wider range of vibration influence of world around. Than more, the person is spiritually developed, especially he is capable to apprehend high vibrations. And the more so high vibrations are radiated by him.

The less, the person is spiritually developed, the less he is capable to perceive vibrations of world around, he is capable to perceive only low vibrations. Also radiates too only such.

So, nothing is based, everything moves, everything vibrates. The Universe moves on the basis of two vibration principles - the movements circular and oscillatory. In the universe everything moves around and fluctuates. Planets move around, all solar system moves around. The Universe makes two types of the movement: circular and oscillatory.

Activity of the person proceeds around and fluctuates. Sincere and mental manifestations of the person exist according to these principles, including. Each person radiates energy when thinks or feels. Sincere and thought processes at women and men happen differently. That is why two women well understand each other, but the woman and the man difficult understand each other. The principle of thinking at them various. The principle of thinking at women irrational associative, that is circular. Thinking of men – rational oscillatory. A feeling-knowledge at women too are longer, flowing, mutually influencing. Men feel much less, sincere processes proceed quicker.

So, all our thoughts, emotions, states are no other than manifestation of astral and mental bodies and manifestation of their energy of various vibrations. With spiritual development of the person not only the range of the energy radiated by it extends, not only manifestation of consciousness of his bodies changes, but also there is an ability to control and change the vibrations. But, it is always necessary to remember that we exist at the ocean of vibrations that radiates energy everything absolutely and everything influences us. Any person should react to vibrations of world around. All of us are simply doomed to perceive and react to vibration influence of environment, to control positive creative vibrations.

Person as object of research

The person is difficult essence which unites a body, reason, soul and spirit. The spirit is the highest beginning in the person. It is connected with conscience – an internal criterion of justice, honesty, kindness, a righteousness. Thin material soul is connected with feelings and desires. The reason is connected with knowledge and thinking.

The person is connected with the inner and physical world. It is connected by spirit and soul with an inner world, either light kind, or dark angry. Light cheerful he unites to Divine Spirit. Lives in a material world of people a body. The soul connects human lives in these worlds, connecting mind and body.

The reason, spirit, soul and body influence at each other. Thoughts, feelings, desires and emotions create our body. Just thoughts, good wishes support normal functioning of an organism at all levels. No just thoughts, evil desires break normal functioning of an organism at all levels.

Cages of an organism, incapable of photosynthesis, are received energy from environment and food. Energy of environment accumulate an organism through the power centers which will transform them to a form for absorption by cages and bodies. For example, the power centers of light energy are connected with glands of endocrine system. The organism accumulates to 80% of energy from the environment necessary for functioning of a human body. Other energy is provided with food.

The human body represents an oscillatory contour. In a physical body there is a difficult, combined, hierarchical, volume system of the connected standing waves of various quality: electric, magnetic, thermal, light, gravitational, mental. Electromagnetic standing waves form the biofield providing an electromagnetic homeostasis. A source of electromagnetic oscillations are cages.

Development of an organism goes under the influence of mental energy. Mental energy gets into all cages. The biochemical carrier of mental energy are structural components of a cover of nervous fibers of the lipidic nature. Mental energy influences an electromagnetic homeostasis. Quality of mental energy depends on consciousness, feelings and desires. Arriving justly on conscience, the person produces mental energy of tranquility, which provides an electromagnetic homeostasis, differently mental energy of frustration which breaks an electromagnetic homeostasis is produced.

Destructive vibrations appear at the person as a result of action of its negative spiritual qualities or emotions: * the grief gives vibrations — from 0,1 to 2 hertz; * fear from 0,2 to 2,2 hertz; * offense — from 0,6 to 3,3 hertz; * irritation — from 0,9 to 3,8 hertz; * indignation — from 0,6 to 1,9 hertz; * the egoism — gives vibrations of at most 2,8 hertz; * irascibility (irascibility) - 0,9 hertz; * rage flash — 0,5 hertz; anger — 1,4 hertz; * arrogance — 0,8 hertz; pride — 3,1 hertz; * neglect — 1,5 hertz; * superiority — 1,9 hertz; * pity — 3 hertz.

Throughout the millennia the frequency of vibrations (i.e. fluctuations in a second) our planet made 7,8-8,2 Hz. Physicists call it Schuman's frequency. It fluctuates within 8 hertz. Researchers on physical medicine noticed long ago that positive people, who led a healthy lifestyle, weren't ill when the frequency of vibrations of their power field was included into a resonance with a frequency of vibrations of the planet.

Positive mental energy establishes in all organism balance, a resonance of electromagnetic waves of cages, uniformity of a bio-field and a resonance of a bio-field with electromagnetic current of a kernel of Earth at a frequency of 8 hertz and with a wavelength of 8 meters in environmentally friendly internal and environment.

Natural-science approach to concept of health

The healthy condition of an organism is provided and supported by a resonance of standing electromagnetic waves of a bio-field.

Health of the person is a psycho-physiological state with balanced mentality and functioning of an organism at an electromagnetic frequency of cages of 8 hertz and with a wavelength of 8 meters in the resonance mode in environmentally friendly internal and environment.

The resonance of electromagnetic waves of a bio-field supports a steady healthy state. The condition of a bio-field of the person can be determined by devices of frequency and resonant diagnostics.

The matter and energy produce information in a wave mode. It is fixed and stored in a type of structures which in turn, can let out waves.

Biological human life can be considered as unity of a stream of a matter (cell fission), an energy stream (a qualitative condition of cages and power interaction) and a flow of information (functioning and information exchange of cages).

Objects of one level communicate: initial particle with initial particle, photons with photons, leptons with leptons, atoms with atoms, molecules with molecules, DNA with DNA, cages with cages, bodies with bodies, the person with the person. Everything together the taken levels are information matrix of communications.

Motive and cerebration, emotional activity of feelings and desires intensifies power processes. The system of power supply of cages intensifies physiological processes of an organism.

Violation of communications of cages at the level of the power system operating nervous immune, endocrine and other physiological systems conducts to violation of communications between bodies and vital systems. It breaks functioning of an organism and produces a disease. All diseases are fixed at first at the power level of power field structure of the person, and already then move to a physical level through system of endocrine glands which operate all physiological processes in an organism, beginning from the processes proceeding at the cellular level and finishing with process of response to them by the central nervous system.

The disease is the prevention to the person that he leads not a healthy lifestyle.

Cages of our organism communicate thin material bodies energy and information in a uniform organism. All information program of development of an organism is concentrated in the chromosomal device at the field level. Thin material bodies inform mental energy of thoughts, feelings, desires, emotions, to each cage. Mental energy influences an electromagnetic field of an organism – a bio-field. The interference of magnetic waves created by the radiation of atoms of cages under the influence of mental energy forms a condition of a physical body: healthy, either prediseases, or sick.

Negative mental energy collects from harmful passions and leads to stresses, neurosises and even to sincere diseases. Mental positive energy collects from all light, just and kind also forms a healthy state. Quality of mental energy depends on a way of life. The healthy lifestyle accumulates positive mental energy (Bryndin, & Bryndina, 2015). Citizens master a healthy lifestyle in the regional centers health of the preserving medicine.

Health saving up medicine

The medicine and system of public health services should become health saving up and conduct the population to healthy lifestyle (Bryndin, & Bryndina, 2014). Health the saving up medicine will train specialists in adjustment of an organism for a healthy condition and a healthy way of life. Health the saving up system of public health services will periodically carry out diagnostics of the population, to train the population in adjustment of an organism for a healthy condition and a healthy way of life, to help to adjust through the improving preventive centers an organism on a healthy condition and to pass to a healthy way of life. The healthy way of life will provide to the person health all life. Process of mastering by knowledge and skills of adjustment of an organism on a healthy condition in the civil and state improving preventive centers will promote improvement of the population. The healthy population will generate a healthy society. For this purpose the norm of the healthy person should become starting social and economic norm. Then health the saving up system of public health services can realize a business cycle of completion and preservation of a healthy human resource. Health the saving up medicine and health saving up system of public health services will reduce the sick population.

In a modern society of knowledge and ability health of savings and a healthy way of life of pupils of educational institutions is an important component of healthy longevity and public health as this group at their orientation to active public life in the course of socialization will pass on further experience and culture saving up health and a healthy way of life in a family and a society. For this purpose it is necessary to create economic cycle of completion and preservation of a healthy human resource.

Economic cycle of completion and preservation of the healthy human resource

The economic cycle of completion and preservation of a healthy human resource is an annual cycle which includes processes of completion of healthy people, reproduction of experts and reproduction of necessary resources.

Let's designate through p - a pathology, where p = 1 … n,

Ch p,i - i the person with p a pathology, where i = 1 … m (p, T), where

m (p, T) - quantity the person with p a pathology in T to year,

S p,j - j the expert on p pathologies, where j = 1 S p,T ; where

S p,T - necessary quantity of experts on p pathologies in T to year,

t p - the period of adjustment for a healthy condition of the person with p a pathology,

r p,i - a resource for restoration of a healthy condition i the person with p a pathology,

r p,j - a resource for preparation j the expert on p a pathology,

m p - quantity the person with p a pathology, filled for a year one expert, where

mp = T : tp

On each pathology bodies of public health services find out m ( p, T ) and calculate quantity of necessary experts S p,T in T to year on p pathologies, where

Sp,T = m(p,T) : mp .

Economic annual cycle of completion and preservation of healthy people, experts on all pathologies and necessary resources the following:

S(T) = (S p,T - S p,T-1)

p = 1 n S ( T ) + p = 1 n i = 1 m ( p , T ) r p , i + p = 1 n j = 1 S ( T ) r p , i

If S(T) 0, preparations of new experts and completions of resources r p,j on p it is not required to a pathology.

The economic annual cycle of completion and preservation of a healthy human resource is connected to annual federal, regional and local budgets. It is supported by economic system of steady life-support (Bryndin, 2015). The basic social norm of economic system of steady life-support is the norm of the healthy person. The social norm of the healthy person enables everyone to be healthy through system health of the preserving medicine.

Formation of an economic annual cycle of completion and preservation of a healthy human resource is carried out on the basis of anti-recessionary management.


It is more expedient to form a healthy lifestyle of the population on the basis of social and medical infrastructure. It can unite interaction of the centers of health, sanatorium institutions, the society KNOWLEDGE, chairs of the health saving technologies, divisions of educational institutions on formation of health the preserving outlook and control of vital systems and normal functioning of an organism, institution of healthy food, scientific institutions of interdisciplinary basic and applied researches of human nature and the environment concerning health.

Formation of social and medical infrastructure of healthy lifestyle demands training of specialists, training of the population and formation of family and cultural public tradition of a healthy lifestyle which will approve it. For this purpose Research Center "NATURE INFORMATIC" developed fundamental knowledge, offered scientific and practical and scientific and methodical grants, and also the guide of training of specialists to a healthy lifestyle:

1. Health workers for the centers of health and sanatorium establishments for carrying out consultations, a practical training on transition to a healthy lifestyle and diagnostics of a state.

2. Lecturers for society KNOWLEDGE of formation health of creative outlook and motivation to healthy lifestyle the population.

3. Pedagogical workers for chairs of Health of universities and for schools on formation health of creative outlook and motivation to healthy lifestyle at the younger generation.

4. Social workers for carrying out a practical training with the population on transition to healthy lifestyle and formation of family and cultural public tradition of a healthy lifestyle.

5. Games-masters for training of the younger generation in control of vital systems and complete normal functioning of an organism.


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