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Required And Acquired Level Of Graduates’ Skills In Hospitality Management

Table 1:

Competencies Hard Skill - example Soft Skill- example
Teamwork (Work effectively with others to achieve shared goals) Demonstrate technical knowledge and skills to raise the quality of service of a front office team Integrate any work team, in any type of hotel, regardless of its category
Effective communication (Appreciate communication needs to achieve results and stay motivated) Attending clients and providing a service in at least two languages Mastering information and communication technologies from the user's perspective
Enthusiasm (Being committed to your own role, team and business) Adapt to the seasonality of the activity and comply with irregular work schedules Define objectives and results to be achieved by the organization
Strategic thinking (Have a vision of the future about your department or business and communicate it to others, making sure the company is working towards that) Identify future trends and needs of guests and customers Be aware that the competitiveness of the sector forces constant updating
Problem solving (Serve calmly and effectively with difficulties and unforeseen situations) Organize schedules, work shifts, holidays and employee vacations Dealing with complaints and unsatisfied customers
Customer service focus (Concern about exceeding customer expectations. Make a strong and positive impression on customers) Evaluate and promote guest and customer satisfaction Analyze compliance with customer service standards by employees
Leading for results (Get the best of human resources. Encourage them to take responsibility for their own work) Analyze and control the costs and revenues of hotel operation Conduct "mystery client" audits to assess the quality of service provided
Planning and organizing (Planning to make sure things happen at the right time) Mastering some of the specific hotel management software Find new ways of accomplishing tasks by employees
Financial awareness (Stay alert and aware about the financial impact of your actions and the actions of others) Elaborate and implement technical sheets of production and services for the food and beverage department Make comparisons of rates and sales prices to customers, by the competition
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