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 Training for Small Group Instruction in Pre-Service Teacher Education: Pedagogical Instructors’ Perceptions

Table 1:

Category Quote
Importance of training teachers for small group instruction hours Yes, they must be prepared for what exists in the 'New Horizons' reform
Characteristics of training teachers for teaching small group instruction hours Adapting teaching to the needs of learners, close follow-up of their progress and abilities to give immediate response
Sources of knowledge for pedagogical instructors I experienced it myself as a school teacher
Advice Colleagues in subject matter and those responsible for the course
Content of training for small group instruction hours Principles of working in small groups, identifying needs and planning teaching accordingly
6. Amount of training 12 syllabi dealing directly with teacher education were reviewed, no mention of this as a subject was found in any of them.Very restricted as I don't have the time to deal with itAccording to priorities
7. Implementation Fragmented issue - there are very general guidelines but at the end of the day every school and every teacher uses this resource differently
8. Student awareness They are aware because they are exposed to it at school and are also required to teach
9. Difficulties Sometimes perceived as spontaneous that doesn't need preparation.
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