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The Effects of Teamwork on Competency Building in Manufacturing–PBL (Project-based Learning)

Table 4:

Questionnaire items ("The M-PBL is...") F1 F2
"Technical competency" (α=.85)
The M-PBL was fun work for me. .97 -.06
The M-PBL fit myself. .71 .14
In the M-PBL, I made use of my skills. .59 .14
"Attitudinal competency" (α=.77)    
In the M-PBL, I felt the meaning of work and a sense of mission. -.05 .87
I took responsibility for the work in the M-PBL. .18 .60
I exerted my ability and ingenuity for the M-PBL. .16 .54
Correlation F2
  F1 .73
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