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The Effects of Teamwork on Competency Building in Manufacturing–PBL (Project-based Learning)

Table 1:

Questionnaire items ("In our team...") F1 F2
"Work-execution orientedness" (α=.88)
Everyone recognizes each other's good points. .86 -.18
Members say hello to each other comfortably. .78 -.21
Everyone joined the team of his or her own interest. (*) .66 -.08
There is an attitude to work on a new thing positively. .63 .20
We encourage and compete with each other, regardless of differences in high school and department. .60 .24
There is enthusiasm in "trying to achieve the goals of the team". .54 .27
Even if there are likes and dislikes in human relations and dissension, we control ourselves slightly. (*) .51 -.07
We try hard to raise our knowledge and skills. .51 .34
Members surely accomplish the work requested. .43 .28
"Work-norm orientedness" (α=.77)    
Everyone feels we cannot be loafing. (*) -.22 .91
Everyone tries not to be absent. (*) -.18 .81
When members become dull, somebody warns. (*) .07 .64
We are strict in complying with the work procedures. .21 .43
Correlation F2
  F1 .60
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