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Development of the Indicators and Instrument to Evaluate the Effectiveness of the Professional Nurse Training Project

Table 1:

Factors Indicators
Reaction The contents of training prior knowledge Theme/activity in proper trainingAudio visual equipment used in the proper trainingSpeakers include experts can convey contents clearly to the point
Organizational support The training matches the workloads and responsibilitiesThe training in accordance with the policies and goals of the organization Organizational commitmentSupervisor support
Self-efficacy Self-enhancement values Self-esteem for patient care
Learning New insights in patient careNursing practice guidelines to be applied in practiceWhat has been learned to dateTrends and issues management to patient care
Behavior Exchange knowledge and experience in the profession regularlyTeaching, guides and a mentor to new nursing graduates to have the ability to care for patientsCollaborate with team personnel in health planning and patient careApplication of evidence for use in patient careCollaborative networks between nursing units
Results Reduce errors caused by the nursesPrevent and reduce complications arising with patients
Projects and programs to improve the quality of patient careInnovation so that patients receive care more efficientlyEnhance capacity nursing practiceDepartment won a prototype or a good model for nursing
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