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The Quality of Public Services - Management of Urban Markets in Romania

Table 2:

Customer infrastructure - good positioning from the - inadequate sanitation facilities for customers
- difficult conditions in winter and during periods of bad weather
- current standards of public restrooms and poor hygiene standards
- lack of parking space, other than behind the market
- no heating in winter
- lack of ventilation in summer
- inadequate parking infrastructure
city centre and from the main
Commercial - improvised facilities
city areas
infrastructure - insufficient equipment suitable for the safe storage of
- easy road access
food (refrigerators, air conditioners)
- dusty outdoor space (driveways, roads)
- improper maintenance
- inadequate flooring, improper for bad weather
- improper waste disposal points
Connection to the local - existence of specific - lack of taxation in certain commercial activities
legislation on food related
health hazards
- good representation of local
economy - involvement of local
authorities in encouraging the
access of the producers and
the removal of intermediaries
from the market
Socializing place for the - direct contact with the - lack of waiting space, recreation and rest in nearby areas
- improper space allocation
- lack of public transport, bicycles or non-polluting vehicles
local community producers, socializing - low, irregular traffic from neighbouring municipalities
- inadequate access for specific needs groups (disabled, mothers
with children in strollers)
Attractiveness and - traditional decoration - unattractive and chaotic promotion of neighbouring shops
elements (ceramic scales)
promotion -preservation of traditional - poor overall aspect of nearby areas
market values
Tourist attractiveness - use of specific local events - no possibility of tasting traditional products or products marketed
to attract tourists to tourists
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