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Designing Motivating mE-book For Polytechnic Language Classroom Using ARCS Model

Table 1:

ARCS components Strategies Application in mE-book
Attention Strategies for arousing and sustaining students’ curiosity and interest. Narration, visuals, animations and videos used in mE-book.
Relevance Strategies that link to learners' needs, interests, and motives. Relevance to the topic, syllabus and activities to the students’ daily life.
Confidence Strategies that help students develop a positive expectation for successful achievement. Full control over the mE-book, the interest and the capability to navigate throughout the lessons.
Satisfaction Strategies that provide extrinsic and intrinsic reinforcement for effort. Enrichment activities (Quiz). Immediate feedback for every question. Certificate of Completion is awarded upon completion of the unit.
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