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The Potentials Of Dark Tourism In Banda Aceh, Indonesia

Table 2: Information from Tsunami Disaster Mitigation Research Centre Banda Aceh, Indonesia

Tsunami Disaster Mitigation Research Centre Banda Aceh, Indonesia (TDMRC)
Spread mission about awareness of natural disasters through social media, student volunteer called ‘Fatanah’.
Escape building is the vertical evacuation for tsunami disaster. Provide safety for people around a certain area. It can occupy about 300 people at one time. There are 4 vertical evacuations including Tsunami Museum.
There is also a hill evacuation site near the TDMRC for people living near the sea. It is not enough time for 700km/h to evacuate people to go to the vertical evacuation site, so hill evacuation is the nearer. Besides, the topography of Banda Aceh is very flat, very far from the mountain and below the sea level rise. So, one of the mitigation plans is to build the vertical evacuation site as the TDMRC and give the local communities to use these building as evacuation sites
TDMRC recommended the government to strengthen the mosque as the evacuation site
Most people coming to Banda Aceh because of Dark Tourism
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