Mechanical Properties Of Steel Fibres Reinforced Concrete


Concrete   are   very suitable   material   for   construction   since   it     has   a   high compressive strength. It can also withstand high temperature of fire/heat and high durability. The ingredients in the concrete such as water, aggregates, and cement are available in most places, hence this makes concrete one of the favourable materials in construction industry. The development through the century has led to many revolutions in the construction industry. Researchers try to improve the materials used in the construction such that it would come out with better result. Concrete are produced more worldwide than any other materials. It has been used in many projects. However, concrete has many disadvantages that should be improved such as; it is brittle with low tensile strength and strain capacity. Concrete is weaker in tension as compared to its compression strength. It also has major development in cracking and can lead to  strength loss. The concept of adding steel fibres to the concrete mix is one way of increasing the strength of concrete and of overcoming the limitations of the concrete. The mechanical properties such as compressive strength including steel fibres are evaluated. Compressive strength of the concrete increased with the increase in the steel fibres.                                                                                                                  

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26 December 2017

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