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A New Direction Of Using Chinchilla Hair (Chinchilla Lanigera) In Farm Animal Husbandry

Table 2: Comparative characteristics of the wool and down of animals used for the manufacture of clothing

Type of animal Hair thickness (fineness) μm Hair length cm Additional processing of wool (down) Product type
Sheeps 30-35 7-10 Washing, sorting, waste from 40 to 70% Coats, (overcoat), insoles, felt boots, socks
Merino sheep 14-23 8-12 Flushing, waste about 40% Sweatshirts, sports thermal clothing
Downy goats 16-22 3-7 Rinsing, manual removal of coarse guard hairs, about 10% waste Shawls, scarves, hats
Alpaca 27-36 15-20 Washing, manual sorting, about 10% waste Coat, jacket, vest
RBS Alpaca * 19-25 До 30 Washing, manual sorting, about 10% waste Shawls, scarves, hats, sweaters
Downy rabbit 14-20 4-6 Insignificant Children's woolen products
Chinchilla 12-14 2,7-5 Slight or absent Underwear**
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