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Czech University Language Teachers’ Perspectives on the 2020 Pandemic

Table 5: Results of statistical testing for section C: Support

Section C: Support By university By teaching experience By sex
Item Kruskal-WallisANOVA p value Kruskal-WallisANOVA p value Mann-Whitney U testp value
C1: The whole department uses the same tool for online teaching. 0.02 0.12 0.08
C2: Everybody at the department was free to choose a tool for online teaching. < 0.01 0.30 0.84
C3: The department provided enough technological support. 0.86 0.63 0.98
C4: I had an opportunity to attend a workshop or a course to learn how to use a tool. 0.50 0.81 0.31
C5: I had to learn myself how to use the tool. 0.46 0.22 0.94
C6: I could turn to someone at the department in case of technological issues. 0.40 0.12 0.78
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