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Czech University Language Teachers’ Perspectives on the 2020 Pandemic

Table 3: Results of statistical testing for section A: Course

Section A: Course By university By teaching experience By sex
Item Kruskal-WallisANOVA p value Kruskal-Wallis ANOVA p value Mann-Whitney U testp value
A1: I had to reduce the contents of the course. 0.64 0.51 0.53
A2: I had to alter the structure of the course. 0.31 < 0.01 0.44
A3: I had to change the way of presenting the subject matter. 0.83 0.92 0.93
A4: I feel like I can go through less subject matter in online classes. 0.75 0.67 0.98
A5: Online classes are based on self-study more than F2F classes. 0.93 0.92 0.97
A6: I had to change the methods of assessment. 0.05 0.07 0.02
A7: I rely on continuous assessment more than in F2F courses. 0.86 0.11 0.96
A8: I believe that online tests are worse for assessment. 0.68 0.19 0.69
A9: I believe it is easier for students to cheat in online exams. 0.32 0.01 0.55
A10: Students used online consultations more often than F2F consultations. 0.02 0.96 0.86
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