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Why Divorces Could Spike After Covid-19 Pandemic

Table 1:

Author Title of journal article Date of Publishing Brief Summary Url/doi
UNICEF Children in Lockdown: Rapid Assessment of the Impact of Coronavirus on Children in the UK 2020 The article examines the impacts that covid-19 has had on children in the United Kingdom
WHO Mental health and psychosocial considerations during the COVID-19 outbreak 2020 The article examines some of the mental and psychosocial challenges that have been brought about by the coronavirus. The analysis of these impacts presents an understanding of how families are suffering
Prime, H., Wade, M., & Browne, D. T. Risk and resilience in family well-being during the COVID-19 pandemic 2020 The authors, in this research focuses on the risks and resilience that families are experiencing during the lockdown. Some of the risks include possible increase in divorce cases due to misunderstanding emerging in families
Kalmer, S. M., & Kratcha, K. R. The Families First Coronavirus Response Act: Impact on Employers and Plan Sponsors 2020 This article provides an understanding of some of the responses to covid-19 I its initial days and the impacts of such actions on the affected persons
Nora S, Sara M, Jennifer K Families “Safe at Home”: The COVID-19 Pandemic and Parenting in Canada 2020 The authors of this study looked at the conditions in homes for families staying at home due to the covid-19 lockdown measures
Zhang, Y & Ma, Z, F, Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Mental Healthand Quality of Life among Local Residents in Liaoning Province, China: A Cross-Sectional Study 2020 In this research, there is a focus on how covid-19 has impacted the quality of life in families. Some of the factors addressed include finances, stress, and a new normal that people have never been accustomed to. doi:10.3390/ijerph17072381
Peterman, A., Potts, A., O’Donnell, M., Thompson, K., Shah, N., Oertelt-Prigione, S., & van Gelder, Sabine O, and Nicole, V. G Pandemics and Violence against Women and Children 2020 The article address how pandemics tend to affect women and children in terms of increased violence. The findings are able to make a projection of how the coronavirus pandemic could cause an increase in divorce cases when the courts finally open up.
Carroll, N., Sadowski, A., Laila, A., Hruska, V., Nixon, M., Ma, D. W. L., Haines, J., & on behalf of the Guelph Family,Health Study. The Impact of COVID-19 on Health Behavior, Stress, Financial and Food Security among Middle to High Income Canadian Families with Young Children 2020 The authors in this research found out that void-19 has affected the level of income in families, something that has affected the relationship therein. This is a finding that could have a direct link to divorce cases in the coming months post covid-19
Ghosh, R, Dubey, M, J, Subhankar C, &, Souvik D, Impact of COVID-19 on children: special focus on the psychosocial aspect, 2020 Children have been some of the highly affected by the virus. This research explains about the plight of children as one of the probable causes of divorce cases in many families
Yerkes, M. A, Katherine, R, Pettes, R, J, Rense, N, Lawthorn, R, Languilaire, J, Fisher, J Community, work, and family in times of COVID-19 2020 Researchers in this study examine how social workers are helping families to manage the pandemic and reduce cases of divorce at the end of the virus
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