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English Word Formation: Strategies for Cognitive Teaching to Language Students

Table 1: Complex suffixal models (Pozdnyakova et al., 2017)

Models Word meanings Formulascombiningcategorical meanings Concepts,corresponding tocategorical meanings,and the direction of their relations Compound words* (insert)
N1 + N2 Man who works with camera N+V(atomic)+N ACTOR – WORK WITH – INSTR * cameraman
Man who works in guards N+V(atomic)+N ACTOR – WORK – GROUP * guardsman
One who is a pilot and a navigator N+V(copulative)+N ACTOR1 – BE – ACTOR2 * pilot-navigator
N1 + N(v)2 One who lays bricksOne who fights with a gun N+V+NN+V+N ACTOR – OPER – OBJACTOR – OPER – INSTR *bricklayer*gun-fighter
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