Fuzzy Logic in the Construction of Automated Systems in the Metallurgical Industry


In this scientific paper, the possibility of using fuzzy logic methods and fuzzy equations in the construction of automated systems in the metallurgical industry to increase the efficiency of the plasma spraying technological complex is considered. The article discusses approaches to formalizing the assessment and management of the state of the control system of the plasma spraying installation, in which the main parameters are related to the operation of the plasmatron. An algorithm for automated control of a plasmatron using fuzzy logic methods is presented. The use of fuzzy logic makes it possible to use the accumulated knowledge of process control more effectively. In addition, such a method can contribute to improving the efficiency of controlling the process of applying protective coatings by the plasma method by automatically regulating the input parameters of the plasma installation. The formation of a controlled system will allow you to effectively connect technological equipment and inform.

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27 February 2023

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