System for Automatic Grouping of Metadata of Three-Dimensional Models


The purpose of this work is to develop the structure of the algorithm for automatic grouping (clustering) of 3D model metadata which may include model name, dimensions, file size, file format, keywords etc.. The relevance of this work is determined by the need for companies to process complexly structured data, in particular 3D models, and detect groups of similar 3D models for forming their catalogues and other purposes. "similarity", we mean the proximity of objects in a multidimensional space of features, and the problem is reduced to partitioning this space into subspaces of objects so that the objects located in the subspaces form homogeneous groups. We propose an algorithm for automatic grouping of the 3D models based on their metadata, which enables us to group objects according to their numeric and categorical characteristics. The experiments were carried out with the involvement of experts, their evaluation showed the high efficiency of the developed method.

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27 February 2023

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Kazakovtsev, L. A., Kutsevalova, V. V., & Kazakovtsev, V. L. (2023). System for Automatic Grouping of Metadata of Three-Dimensional Models. In P. Stanimorovic, A. A. Stupina, E. Semenkin, & I. V. Kovalev (Eds.), Hybrid Methods of Modeling and Optimization in Complex Systems, vol 1. European Proceedings of Computers and Technology (pp. 343-350). European Publisher.